Election Day - Saturday, May 7

Frequently Asked Questions

BISD has been good financial stewards of our school property tax dollars for many years.  Since 2016, BISD has saved over $41M of projected interest payments on existing debt through paying off debt early and refinancing of debt, when available.  Over the past decade $80M in interest has been saved.  In February 2022, BISD paid off an existing bond of $3M early, that was due to be paid off in 2027.  BISD can take on additional bond debt and not increase the school property tax rate because they take in more property tax revenue than they have debt obligations.  If this bond package is passed by the voters, BISD will be able to meet its current obligations and begin paying off principal of the new debt within the first year, thus continuing to save projected interest payments and tax dollars for our community.

  1. Should voters approve the increase in the Homestead Exemption from $25K to $40K, those with frozen taxes will see their school property taxes actually go down by the amount that the $15K in taxable value would have generated.

  2. Also should voters approve the Property Tax Limit Reduction for seniors (or disabled), as school property tax rates go down, as they will this year for the 4th year in a row, school property taxes for these seniors (or disabled) will be reduced by the percentage of the property tax reduction.

So, not only will seniors (or disabled) with frozen school property taxes not get a tax increase, they will actually see their school property taxes decline due to the tax rate reduction and increase in the Homestead Exemption. The only exception to this would be if the senior (or disabled) homeowner added something to their homestead, such as a room addition or pool.