Election Day - Saturday, May 7

Bond Information

Proposition 1

Elementary School #8


$32 million

Expansions at

The district would construct additional classrooms and facilities, providing an increased capacity for up to 1,300 additional students at the secondary campuses.


$45.4 million

20 classrooms/8 breakout rooms
12 classrooms/4 science labs
Upgraded Fine Arts classrooms/3rd cafeteria line
8 classrooms/4 science labs

Design Work/Land

The district would contract with architects to produce a conceptual design for High School #3 (programmed for an upcoming bond).

The district would also purchase additional land that can be used for future district facilities.

Portable buildings will also be purchased to address increased growth at select campuses until new facilities can be constructed.


$14.84 million

General Maintenance

The district would contract for major maintenance projects to address safety concerns and campus needs. These major projects would include:


$28.2 million

  • BHS drainage and parking improvements

  • Renovations to BHS JV Stadium

  • Fire Alarm/PA system upgrades

  • Furniture at legacy campuses to support 21st Century Learners

  • Air filtration upgrades to School Nurse offices

  • Tennis court lighting at high school campuses

  • Art room/kiln ventilation upgrades at elementary campuses

  • Playground rubber surface upgrades

  • 16 additional buses

Network Infrastructure

The district would upgrade its computer network equipment to include: network switches, wireless hubs, VOIP phones, classroom audio/visual equipment and Data Center equipment.


$9.2 million

Aquatics Learning Center

The district would construct an educational venue to teach water life-saving and first aid classes for all district school age children. As a secondary objective, this venue would also serve as a training and competition pool for the BHS and CHS swim and dive teams. This venue would also be right sized to support a future water polo team within the district. The Aquatics Learning Center would be co-located with the District Operations Center on existing district property between CHS and CCES.


$2.7 million

Old Admin Building

The district would renovate this facility to accommodate the Boerne Academy and the 18+ educational instruction programs, with 10 classrooms and a capacity of up to 300 students.



$5.5 million

The district would renovate the library facilities at its four legacy elementary school campuses (CES, CCES, FORES and KES) in support of the district’s focus on 21st Century Learning.  These instructional hubs would be used for collaborative and independent learning.  They would include green screen rooms for audio/visual productions and modular furniture for inquiry labs and breakout spaces.

Library Hubs


$5 million

District Operations Center

Phase 1: The district would construct five acres of asphalt pavement to be used as the new Transportation Department during Phase 1. Portable buildings within the district would be relocated as temporary office space until funding is available to support Phase 2. The District Operations Center would be co-located with the Aquatics Learning Center on existing district property between CHS and CCES.


$2.5 million

Bond Planning, Management
and Contingency Fees
Furniture and Equipment


$17.3 million

The district would incur costs associated with the execution of school facilities construction. These costs include design fees, bond insurance and contingency funding.  The district would also purchase necessary furniture and equipment for Elementary School #8 and the Expansions at CHS, BHS, BMSS and BMSN in support of the 21st Century Learning concept.

Proposition 2


The district would provide portable and hand-held devices for the students and staff at the following locations:

• Elementary School #8

• Expansions at CHS, BHS, BMSS and BMSN

• Refresh of devices at all other campuses


$3 million